Elizabeth Brazier


Elizabeth Brazier was born in London and is a Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, where she studied piano with Guy Jonson and ‘cello with Derek Simpson.  Her first teaching post brought her to Cornwall and she has lived in Truro ever since.  It is as a ‘cellist and ‘cello teacher that Elizabeth has become principally known, although she is also a pianist, and was one of the founder members of the leading local opera company, and sang principal roles in its early productions.  She has taught in many schools and has a thriving practice at home, teaching both ‘cello and piano.  She plays in orchestras, ensembles and chamber groups around the Southwest.  Her work as an Associated Board Examiner has taken her all over the world, an aspect of her profession that she particularly enjoys.  In nearly thirty years’ examining she has gained experience in Britain, America, Bermuda, Scandinavia, Iceland, South Africa, Mauritus, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong and she is an adjudicator member of The British and International Federation of Festivals. Of her three sons, two, Ben and Daniel, have followed her into music.  This has been a satisfying bonus to a lifelong love and enthusiasm for performing and teaching. Cello / Piano dcbji