Copyright Compliance

All our festivals involve the performance of creative works such as:

  • Musical Compositions
  • Written Works
  • Dramatic Works

and may also include the playing of a Sound Recording as an accompaniment or backing track (e.g. for Dance classes).

We can only copy or use a work protected by copyright with the copyright owner’s permission, or in accordance with recognised exceptions (e.g. Fair Dealings).

Copyright applies to any medium.  This means that you must not reproduce copyright protected work in another medium without permission.  This includes, publishing photographs on the internet, making a sound recording of a book, a painting of a photograph and so on…

These creative works remain in copyright for 70 years from the year of death of the original creator, or of the last living creator when more than one creator was involved (e.g. lyrics and music for a song).

The creator has exclusive rights of the:

  • Copying,
  • Performing,
  • Broadcasting,
  • Adaptation

of all published material for the creative work, either physical or digital.

We continue to work on behalf of our festivals to ensure copyright compliance and have negotiated group licensing arrangements with the following organisations:

Please click on the organisation names above for specific details of the copyright permissions allowed by each licence.

Please click here for a simple guide to where our group licences can be applied and where permission from the copyright owner must still be obtained.

Please click here for further FAQs on copyright