Copyright FAQs

Why do I need a PPL Licence and a PRS for Music Licence to play recorded music at a Festival?

PPL and PRS for Music are two separate independent companies and in most instances a licence is required from both organisations for you to legally play recorded music at a Festival. While both organisations licence the use of music and collect royalties for the music industry, each represents different rights holders and have separate licences, terms and conditions.

PPL collects and distributes money for the use of recorded music on behalf of record companies and performers. PRS for Music collects and distributes money for the use of the musical composition and lyrics on behalf of authors, songwriters, composers and publishers.

What do I do if performers have questions about Duologues or other speech and drama copyright?

For Duologues and all other group dramatic works (including Musical Theatre) the onus on gaining copyright permission, and paying any royalty fees due, should be placed onto the performer in the absence of any other licensing arrangement.

Can I distribute copies of set works to Festival Performers in physical / digital form?

No. Each performer will need to purchase their own original copy of the set work.

Can a Festival share video footage of Festival Performances on the internet without copyright permission? 

The following approach should be followed for Festivals who wish to share video footage of Festival Performances on the internet (e.g. Website, Social media platforms, etc…)

You should always read and abide by the specific advice and guidance on copyright which you will find as part of the terms and conditions of using the popular internet sites for sharing videos. Most of these sites will refer to a term like “Fair Dealings (in the UK)” or “Fair Use (in the US)” as a way of sharing videos without infringing copyright.

For Fair Dealings you can only share video footage of Festival Performances for the “purpose of criticism or review provided that it is accompanied by sufficient acknowledgement”. In this case we would recommend supplying the following acknowledgement as a minimum amount of information with the video footage:

  • Name and date of the Festival, description of the class
  • Name of copyright owner(s), title and description of the creative work

In all other cases copyright permission should be obtained before video sharing on the internet.