Regional Championships 2017-18

Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire

The event will be held on Saturday 9th September 2017 at Carleton Community High School, Pontefract – click here for full event listing. This is the second time in succession that we have used this particular venue, a true state-of-the-art building for performing arts. It will be the 8th biennial championship for the region. Each of the 23 festivals within the Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire region recommends one outstanding performer in each of the disciplines represented at the appropriate festival.

The confirmed adjudicators for this event are:

Music: Marilynne Davies & Robert Marsh
Speech: Stephen Owen & Marie Dixon
Dance: Deborah Norris & Cynthia Carr

Over 40 performers will be taking part in a bid to claim their respective Championship trophy and the audience will be delighted by a sparkling day of non-stop superlative performances. Tickets cost £5 and are available from Aubrey Venables, you can contact him here. See you there!

North West

The second championships for the North West will be held on Saturday September 16th 2017, at St Leonards Church, Preston – click here for full event listing. Each festival in the region will put forward an entrant for each discipline; Speech, Dance, Instrumental/Piano and Vocal. Each entrant will perform before a panel of six adjudicators, two from each discipline. A prize of £100 will be awarded to the winner of each discipline. There will be a small trophy or certificate for all the runners-up.

The confirmed adjudicators for this event are:

Music: Steven Roberts & Liz Childs
Speech: Maryrose Swarbrick & Susan Mackay
Dance: Deborah Norris & Carrie Ellis

The official accompanist is Tim Kennedy, and the event will be compered by Anna Meadmore from Alderley Edge Festival.


The 1st Championship has been arranged for July 7th 2018 – 11.00am – 4.00pm.  Venue to be Austin Friars School, Etterby, Carlisle. More to be announced soon.

Please click here to see results from 2015’s Regional Championships.